Who Are We

Emsey Hospital is one of Turkey’s leading private
hospitals and its healthcare quality accredited by
international accreditation organization JCI. It is
located on the Asian side of Istanbul in the Pendik
-Kurtkoy district that has various national and
international investments.

Emsey Hospital has 33.000 sqm closed area, 254
bed capacity, 9 operating theater, 3 delivery
room, water birth room, helipad, 10,500 sqm parking lot.
Taking advantage from its strategic location, Emsey
Hospital provides good quality and reliable
healthcare service to patients from Turkey and from
abroad. Emsey Hospital is only five minutes away
from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which is İstanbul`s
second international airport. It’s easy to reach
Emsey Hospital with many transport facilities with
different airlines, motorways and also Port of Pendik.
Emsey Hospital is also very close to five stars high-
quality hotels, university campuses, technopolis, lots
of business offices of big companies, many shopping
malls including the largest and most visited outlet
concept shopping mall of Turkey.

Emsey Hospital is a well-known general hospital that
has all therapeutic branches in Basic Medicine,
Surgical Medicine and Internal Medicine as well as
various special branches of medicine with advanced
technological facilities and treatment options. Emsey
Hospital is being one of the world`s leading
healthcare centers has got the universal advanced
medical technology. It provides its service through
highly experienced medical staff and professional
management culture and high patient satisfaction
according to the international standards. Emsey
Hospital is a reference center in areas such as total
cancer treatment (surgery-chemotherapy-radiation
oncology), stem cell transplantation, cardiovascular
surgery, IVF, gynecology, obesity surgery, spinal
surgery and nuclear medicine treatments.

Emsey Hospital provides modern and advance
healthcare services to patients from all around
world, as well as patients from Turkey since 2012.
Emsey Hospital offers everything a patient may need
with teams of talented professionals and a deep
commitment to every patient’s comfort. Treatments
plan with cost estimation for foreign patients are
prepared at the international patients service office
by patient’s consultants and specialized doctors.

Our hospital is the first hospital that was taken into
the scope of the first and only government-
supported branding program of Turkey,” Turquality”,
with JCI certification which indicates Healthcare
service quality and is the most reliable and reputable
certificate in the World. Emsey Hospital proves once
again in 2018 that it is a world brand that can
represent Turkey abroad and provide people with
healthcare service successfully all around the world.

Our hospital, which experienced tremendous growth
within the scope of health tourism, has started to
open representative agencies in foreign countries to
provide international patients with counseling and
support before they travel to Istanbul for treatment.
Our expert staff hosts visitors and provide them with
free counseling service at Emsey Hospital
Representative Agencies in Northern Iraq, Omani
and Azerbaijan.


Successfully passed the Health Quality Standards (SKS) audit


Emsey Hospital officially started accepting patients


Successfully passed the international JCI audit


It started accepting patients from countries such as Bahrain, Indonesia, Palestine, Serbia and Ireland.


Receiving the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate, it became the first institution in Turkey with a certificate of authority in health tourism.


It rose to the 178th rank in Turkey's 500 largest service exporters list.


Azerbaijan Representative Office opened


It has reached a total of 16,010 admissions, of which 12,830 outpatients from 90 different countries, 3180.


Emsey, who applied to the Health Quality Standards (SKS) inspection, received a score of 99.94 and registered its quality in Turkish standards.


Our Uzbekistan Representative Office was opened


Kyrgyzstan Representative Office opened


Received the European Spine Society Surgery Center of Excellence Certificate


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Our core


At Emsey Hospital, our high-quality science is coupled with an exceptional customer experience. Our expert staff is known for their supportive and professional manner. It is our goal to go above and beyond your expectations to support your success.


Our board-certified Pathologists and scientific team are always available for consultation to discuss your trial needs.


Emsey Hospital looks beyond the boxes marked on a test request form. What we see each time is a patient waiting eagerly for a diagnostic decision to be made. We work to understand the differences each patient’s disease presents and how our diagnosis will impact their treatment.

  • Turquality Accreditation

    Our hospital by the Ministry of Commerce; In 2018, our hospital received the Brand support, the first and only state-supported branding program, created for the purpose of becoming a global player with its own brands in international markets where our country holds the competitive advantage, and creating and placing a positive image of Turkish goods/services through these brands; In 2023, it was included in the scope of TURQUALITY, which is an upper and last step.

  • Quality in Medical Care TEMOS

    Quality in Medical Care TEMOS

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

    Our hospital is a set of standards that aim to keep the information in the right way, hide it and keep it safe. It received the "ISO 27001 Information Security Management System" certificate.

  • Surgical Spine Centre of Excellence

    Surgical Spine Centre of Excellence

  • HAS (Health Accreditation Standards)

    Being a member of ISQua (The International Society for Quality in Healthcare), the umbrella organization of quality and accreditation activities in the world, TÜSKA accredited Emsey Hospital, which has achieved success in the field of quality and accreditation in health services, with the SAS certificate.