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With the lengthening out of the living duration, the frequency of cardiac diseases also rises. Among the most rapidly rising cardiac diseases, coronary cardiovascular diseases which develop due to the reasons like malnutrition, sedentary living style and genetics take place. On the other hand, the technological developments ensure the development of the methods applied in the surgery of cardiac diseases. Bypass operation, which is performed to widen the blocked, damaged or tightened cardiac veins, can be performed with the small cut method- which is also known as minimal invasive surgery now. The minimal invasive method which can be applied on all patients who can have a bypass, can be performed with 3-4 cm cuts without opening the chest bone. The small cut method is preferred frequently because of the comfort of surgery and cosmetic reasons, namely, no big surgery scar on the chest bone. Associate Professor Dr. Mustafa Serkan Durdu from Memorial Ankara Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department gave information about the bypass surgery performed by minimal invasive method and its advantages.

Coronary Artery Diseases Create a Vital Risk

Cardiovascular diseases are seen more frequently because of the reasons like sedentary lifestyle, spread of fast food diet and smoking besides genetic tendency. Failing to recognize and not taking any precautions against coronary artery disease, which is in the lead of the most frequently seen cardiac diseases, may cause a heart attack and create a vital risk.

If surgical process is needed…

Medicine, stent and open surgical methods are applied on the persons with coronary artery disease. In all the cases which cannot be solved with medicine or stent, surgical process is applied. The bypass method which was performed in the open method can be performed with a small cut method called minimal invasive surgery now thanks to the recent developments in medical sphere.

Patient’s chest bone is not opened

The minimal invasive bypass surgery, which is performed to ensure blood stream in the blocked coronary heart veins, is performed in conformity with general cardiac operations but patient’s chest bone is not opened unlike the open surgery method. The patients who had coronary angiography before the operation are evaluated in details. The thoracic cavity is entered from the 3rd rib cavity on the left of the patient who had general anesthesia with a 3-4 cm cut and the process is performed while preparing the veins in the thoracic cavity for the bypass with the help of 3-D cameras.The advantages of bypass surgery with small cut method for the patients may be counted as such:

Patients can return their daily life in a short time

The team which is to apply small cut bypass surgery needs to be highly educated on this issue and the health institution where the process is to be applied should have a solid technologic infrastructure. With the minimal invasive method which is difficult for the surgeon but easy for the patient, the patients are discharged from the hospital approximately after 4-5 days later. After a week of rest, patients can continue their daily and business routines.

The Small Cut Method Can be Repeated If Needed

Among the problems which restrict the application of minimal invasive surgery, the cohesiveness in the surrounding tissues of heart and lungs caused by the previous operations takes the first place. On the other hand, the improved experiences in surgery and developments in the surgical equipment with the advancement of technology enables the second, third or even the fourth operations to be performed with minimal invasive method if needed. In short, surgical operation with a small cut can be applied again on the patients with previous minimal invasive bypass surgery if necessary.

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